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Get to Know SweetgrassRoots Farm

Our Background

Our story begins with an idea to provide high quality crafts produced with the rigid standards that were taught to us by our family matriarchs while growing up in Mount Pleasant, SC.  In the '80s and '90s, porches in the summer and living rooms in the winter were our craft classrooms.  In those humble spaces, our elders helped us develop our "birds nests" into refined sweetgrass baskets.  We learned that native lowcountry sweetgrass and bulrush were recognized by our ancestors as materials that could be used to make work and storage baskets, such as the fanner (winnowing) basket used during the harvesting of rice.  Equally important, we learned patience, attention to detail and family history.  Oral folklore about our African ancestry were imparted to us as we sat nearby "sewing".  Today, equipped with this great skill, we proudly share our handiwork with you.

Photo: Grandma at her "spot" in downtown Charleston, ca. 2000

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